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How I went from dry, brittle hair to thick, healthy, long <and yes, platinum> hair!

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There was a time I tried out being a brunette and my journey back to platinum blonde was rough. My hair became so dry and brittle it wouldn’t grow anymore. I mean, how could it when it was without the essential building blocks and nutrients to survive? I started realizing how dry my hair actually was when I started putting coconut oil in the ends and an hour later my hair looked like a desert tumbleweed. So I’d put more coconut oil in, day after day without washing and my hair was still dry. Now that is crazy stuff! For awhile I wore clip-in hair extensions to help give the illusion of long, thick hair and, don’t get me wrong, hair extensions are the bomb and I do LOVE super long, fabulous hair, but it feels so amazing to have that long fabulous hair actually be MY hair!

So here are my many, many tips. All of which I do on a regular basis.

: If you bleach your hair you must:

  • Ask your stylist to mix in Olaplex. This product is so dope. During thermal, mechanical and chemical services the hair bonds are broken and Olaplex reconnects the broken disulfide sulfur bonds to dramatically eliminate breakage.
  • Be diligent about doing protein treatments. Once immediately after you bleach (I literally have my stylist apply protein right after she washes out the bleach) and again a week later. For extremely damaged hair you might need to do protein treatments weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for awhile. Ask your stylist for guidance on how often is appropriate for you. The protein I use is called Structur Fort and they are in glass vials.
    * If you’re in the Salt Lake area, check out my girl Kelly Packer. She is a true gem and the conversation is every bit as good as her mad hair skills. ;)

: Apply Coconut Oil in the ends of your hair regularly. This helps keep your ends from drying out and breaking. I do this almost every night. Depending on your hair you could apply nightly or just a couple of times a week.

: Weekly hair masks. I am a huge fan of all natural products so I make my own. I melt all the ingredients down in a sauce pan (do not microwave) then apply from root to tip. Leave on for about 1-2 hours if you can then do a double wash to get all the oil out. My hair is in serious heaven after I do this treatment. Here is my personal recipe:

  • 1 Tbsp Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 1 Tbsp Shea Butter
  • 1 Tbsp Olive Oil
  • 1 tsp Tamanu Oil. (My secret weapon)



: Always use Sulphate and Paraben Free products. I use Kevin Murphy Born Again Moisture Therapy Wash & the Born Again Essential Treatment as conditioner.

: Wash hair 2-3 times a week MAX! I usually wash my hair twice a week. If your hair gets too oily then slowly move in the direction of fewer washes and your oil production will regulate. You can also use dry shampoo. I love the Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair dry shampoo. It smells like a creamsicle and gives my hair that just-washed bounce.



















: Air dry/limit how often you blow dry your hair. This can be difficult but it will make the BIGGEST difference in the health of your hair. In order for this to work in my schedule, I wash my hair in the early evening and let it air dry all evening. That way it is completely dry by the time I go to bed.

: NEVER let heat touch your hair without a heat protectant. Right after I wash and towel dry my hair, I use the Kevin Murphy Staying Alive spray then apply about 8 pumps of the Kevin Murphy Young Again serum. Once my hair is dry and I’m ready to use a curling iron, I spray the Kevin Murphy Damage Manager all over. Let the spray completely dry before using heat tools. That sizzle you hear is basically boiling your hair and that’s not a good thing.












: Take hair cutting scissors and trim your split ends regularly. I just do this while I’m watching tv.

: Add a filter to your shower head. This will filter out any chlorine and dirt which is amazing for your hair and skin. I got mine at Home Depot for $18

: Buy the Wet Brush! It’s available on Amazon $8. I love this brush so much! Usually I’d say not to brush your hair when it’s wet or to be really careful because wet hair is super fragile. But this brush seems to glide through the hair without pulling the strands so hard that they snap. It’s a great brush for dry hair too! Talk about a scalp massage.

I’ve been doing all these steps for about a year now and my hair is completely different than when I started. It feels so thick and it’s actually growing!! Hallelujah! Hope these tips were helpful.

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