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Hi Hi Hi!!  I took a short summer hiatus while putting most of my energy into my skin care business, Skindulgence. There was a crazy chain of events that lead to such an amazing (and frightening) opportunity and I finally feel like I am totally where I am meant to be. The vibes are just too good!

Long story short…

I am a Master Esthetician and for the last 3 years I was treating clients part time as well as manufacturing and assisting in formulation for an all-natural skin care company. I learned so much about essential oils and natural ingredients in their raw state. Seeing them come to life and become an actual product was seriously satisfying and cool as well as immeasurably beneficial to me as an Esthetician. But I could feel that I had reached the end of my journey there and had learned all that I was meant to. As soon as that decision was made my sweet Acupuncturist sent me a text about a space for rent in the most fabulous location in Sugarhouse. This place is such a hidden gem and truly the best kept secret. Im obsessed! But renting out a space really wasn’t even on my radar but the timing was just too perfect. My stress came from the fact that I would have to basically rebuild my clientele in this new location as well as have the funds for my new rent’s hefty price tag every month. Although I was nervous about taking the leap, I also felt so at peace about it. I think that’s the feeling you get when it’s just right.

Not long after I moved into my new space, I was chatting with Paislee (the owner of the building/fellow Esthetician) and she happened to see my tattoo on my wrist. She let out a gasp and showed me a text message she’d just sent to her sister with a picture of a tattoo she wanted–with basically my same tattoo in the same exact spot. Weirdest! We got talking about Law of Attraction and Abraham-Hicks and it was then that I fully felt that I was in the right place. It gave me chills! It felt like proof of my manifestation! I was with my tribe.

BUT it feels so good to be back, especially with some Fall transitional looks! I love Fall, perhaps because I’m that much closer to being able to don my leather jackets again! Also, I am just all about over-sized these days, I could honestly share most of my tops with my husband, LOL! Not to mention these Free People lace up sandals… I can’t get over how good they are!


So Samantha_Denim_Levi_Fall Transition_Fashion_Style











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